(Carbon Brush) KK-PWCB-105

Rated Power: 1650 W
Input Power: 230 V(50 Hz)
Motor Type: Carbon-Brush Motor
Maximum Pressure: 10.5 MPa
Cleaning Pressure: 7 MPa
Weight: 8 kg
Output Capacity: 5 L/min

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A Pressure washer is an excellent and very effective device used to clean hard outdoor surfaces, driveways, backyards, patios, etc. KisanKraft has a variety of pressure washers that cater to the varied needs of clients. Easy to operate with high performance, these pressure washers are immensely effective and come at a reasonable price. They are used in cleaning cowsheds, pig and chicken farms, cleaning vehicles, walkways, driveways, garage floors, stables, oily floors, etc. It is provided with adjustable handle folds that move easily while in operation. This Portable power washer is built with high-quality materials that provide good comfort and high performance.

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