(Electric) KK-MLK-VB1

Motor: 1.1 kW(1.5 hp)
Pump: Vacuum
Pulsator: 1(L-80)
Tanks: 1
Tank Size/Weight: 25 L/3 kg
Tank Material: SS-304
(Stianless Steel)
Vacume Speed: 200 L/min
Milk Claw: 280 cc with Plastic Chasis
Animal: Cow & Buffalo
Output Capacity: 3 L/min

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KK-MLK-VB1 is a 25-liter vacuum milking machine that has made large-scale milking of cattle easier. This machine is powered by a 25KW motor that uses vacuum technology. This equipment helps to reduce the milking time and provides a hygienic method of milking. This machine comes with wheels and a handle which makes it easier to transport.

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