Leaf Blower (Petrol) KK-LBV-260

Rated Power: 0.74 kW(1 hp)
Displacement: 26 cc
Speed: 7500 RPM
Weight of the machine: 5.2 kg
Engine: 2-Stroke
Fuel Used: Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity: 700 ml
Average Air Volume: 130 L/sec

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KisanKraft Leaf Blower (Petrol) KK-LBV-260 is a 2-stroke garden tool that blows air through the nozzle to move dead leaves, and grass from the surroundings. It is a handheld tool powered by a petrol engine. KisanKraft Leaf blower is manufactured with high-quality materials which makes the tools durable and which comes with high-performance life.

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